Right to Work Hub (colleges)

The Right to Work Hub is a central facility carrying out right to work checks on Oxford students who wish to work in Colleges and Permanent private halls. A record of the check can be viewed by all colleges, avoiding the need for students to provide their documents more than once.                  

College staff intending to employ a current Oxford student should ask the student if they are already registered with the Right to Work Hub. If not, provide them with the referral details below, or contact the Right to Work Hub on their behalf.

Request a right to work check 

To request a right to work check, Oxford students should send the following information to rtw@admin.ox.ac.uk

  • Full name    
  • Student No. or Oxford Username 
  • Name of the college(s) offering work 
  • Date the work will start (if known) 

Answers to the following questions: 

  1. Are you a visa holder? Yes/No 
  2. If no, are you an EU national (or dependant) who has been granted Settled or Pre-Settled status? Yes/No 

The right to work check 

Once a request is received, the Right to Work Hub will invite the student to select a convenient appointment slot. 

Checks are conducted both virtually and in-person. The type of appointment offered will depend on the student’s immigration status and the documents they can provide. 

As part of the check, Student visa holders will be asked to complete a Student Employment Declaration.  

Viewing completed right to work checks 

Providing the documents supplied by the student are acceptable, their profile will be published to the Right to Work Hub - College portal before the appointment ends. The student will receive email confirmation and will be encouraged to inform the college(s) offering them work.  

Colleges can login to the Right to Work Hub - College portal and search for a student’s profile. Each profile displays:  

  • Identification details to verify the profile relates to the student being offered work 
  • The results of the right to work check  

The profile will confirm if the duration or amount of work a student can undertake is restricted due to their immigration status. However, even when employing students who have no restrictions (e.g. British Citizens) colleges should be mindful of the University’s paid work guidelines.  

Requesting access to the Right to Work Hub – College portal 

Requests for access to the Right to Work Hub - College portal should be sent by email to rtw@admin.ox.ac.uk by your College’s HR contact. Please include your Oxford username.


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The Right to Work Hub can conduct checks on all current Oxford students, regardless of nationality or level of study.   

No, the Right to Work Hub will liaise directly with the student regarding acceptable evidence of their right to work, and guide them through the process. 

No, after being referred, students will be invited to select an appointment slot for their check. Appointments are available Monday – Friday during normal business hours.  

Students will only be able to select from appointment slots on the next working day or after. However, if you have an urgent requests, please contact the RTW Hub, some appointments are kept free each day for such scenarios. 

No, the student should only begin work once you have viewed their Right to Work Hub profile and, where visa restrictions apply, satisfied yourself that the work being offered is compatible.  

If a student does not respond to their invite, weekly reminders will be sent for the next month. Colleges can contact the Right to Work Hub to check on the progress of a student’s check, but details of appointments are not visible via the Right to Work Hub - College Portal. 

No, once the Right to Work Hub has performed a check, it will be displayed in the Right to Work Hub - College portal until the earlier of:  

  • The student’s expected course end date 
  • The student’s visa expiry date (if applicable)    

Visa holders will be asked to update their Student Employment Declaration annually. The Student Visa Monitoring Service will also prompt the student to update the declaration each time they engage in new work with a college.  

Colleges can conduct right to work checks locally, but are strongly encouraged to share the documents with the Right to Work Hub, so that those students do not need to undergo a repeat check.  

Colleges are expected to take a screenshot of the student’s Right to Work Hub profile and retain this with the HR record. In the event of an audit/investigation, the Right to Work Hub can share the full retained evidence. 

Why do some student profiles specify that the legal name differs from the displayed name? 

Students may not wish to disclose their legal name on the College Portal, which is also used to manage Temporary Staffing Service and the Student Visa Monitoring Service online timesheets. If a college is unable to identify the student based on the other data displayed (Student number/Oxford Username), the Right to Work Hub can share the retained evidence.       

Whenever a student’s profile is updated in the Right to Work Hub system, a series of validation checks are performed. The Right to Work Hub will also be subject to audits by the wider Staff Immigration team to ensure the accuracy of data.  

It is not possible to download a report from the Right to Work Hub – College Portal, but resources allowing, the Right to Work Hub can assist colleges to audit their records. Please email rtw@admin.ox.ac.uk for more information.

Colleges cannot view the retained evidence through the Right to Work Hub – College Portal. Colleges can request copies from the Right to Work Hub by exception.  

At present the Right to Work Hub is only available to colleges.

Colleges can have multiple users, but access should only be granted to users who require access as part of their daily duties. When a new user access request is submitted, the point of contact at your college will be asked to review the existing list of users.     

When students reach the end of their course, they will be informed that their profile will no longer be displayed to colleges.  The Right to Work Hub will retain evidence of the right to work check for 2 years.     

No, once an individual stops being an Oxford student, the college should complete a right to work check and retain evidence locally.



View completed Right to Work checks


Who to contact


Andes Chan

Right to Work Hub Coordinator

email: rtw@admin.ox.ac.uk