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The Staff Immigration Team (SIT) provides free and impartial advice on immigration matters to current and prospective University of Oxford employees, visitors, and their accompanying dependants. As the SIT is not a legal (lawyers) office they cannot provide advice to anyone who is not a visitor to, or current or prospective employee of, the University of Oxford.

The HR team in the department/ faculty/ college offering offering the role, or hosting the visit, would be the first point of contact for visa applicants and visa holders. SIT are happy to help with queries but they should normally be raised/ discussed with the relevant HR team first who would then contact SIT for advice.

 Office hours

9 am to 5 pm 
Monday to Friday (except public holidays) 

  Postal address 

University Offices
Wellington Square
Oxford, OX1 2JD


  Office address

(Please contact SIT beforehand to arrange a meeting)

Staff Immigration Team
Personnel Services, Level 2
5 Worcester Street
OX1 2BX Oxford 

Student (Tier 4) Casual payments 

Employing a Student (Tier 4) visa holder on a casual basis for over 20 hours per week?
Send the necessary documentation to: 


For more information, please see our Right to work for Tier 4 student visa holders pages